Moritz Pohle is a lawyer and, as a specialist in banking and capital markets law, advises various credit and financial services institutions. As a partner in the law firm SNP Schlawien, after ten years in Munich, he established a new office for the firm in Baden-Württemberg (Freiburg), which is now one of the large offices in Freiburg with 13 lawyers. Together with his colleague Richard Rummel, he also built up the Stuttgart office.

Moritz also acts for a premium car manufacturer in legal disputes and also advises medium-sized companies on legal issues.

As an entrepreneur, Moritz acquired significant stakes in Canadian companies, invested in the residential real estate sector and participated as legal counsel in a start-up in the mobility sector. In an honorary capacity, he was intensively involved in European unification for many years and was frequently active as a speaker and on discussion panels.

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